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Cupcakes, Cookies & Custom Treats

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                                                          Vanilla Bean Bakery Cake Pops
                                                                                          Cake Pops
           Cake pops are delicious little cakes dipped in chocolate and placed on a stick. Perfect
           for birthdays, showers, weddings or everyday! Pops can be ordered in any of our 
           flavors listed below. 
                       Prices:  Basic decorated cake pops - 2.10 each
                                    Custom decorated cake pops - 2.50 and up depending on decorating
                                    Call for options and pricing on Cake Pop Bouquets and arrangements




                                                                                                     Cake Pop Flavors
       Almond - dipped in dark or white chocolate                                              Dark Chocolate Merlot - dipped in dark chocolate 
         Banana - dipped in white or milk chocolate                                              Lemon - dipped in white chocolate
         Brownie - dipped in milk chocolate                                                            
         Butter Pecan - dipped in white chocolate                                                 Peanut Butter Cup - dipped in milk chocolate
         Carrot - dipped in white chocolate                                                             Pink Champagne - dipped in white chocolate
         Chai - dipped in white chocolate                                                                Red Velvet - dipped in milk chocolate
                                                                                                                             Smore - dipped in milk chocolate
         Chocolate - dipped in milk chocolate                                                        Spice - dipped in white chocolate
         Chocolate Birthday Cake - dipped in milk chocolate                              Strawberry - dipped in white or dark chocolate
         Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - dipped in milk chocolate                     Vanilla - dipped in white or milk chocolate
         German Chocolate - dipped in milk chocolate                                         Vanilla Birthday Cake - dipped in white chocolate
         Chocolate Peppermint- dipped in dark chocolate                                   Vanilla Raspberry - dipped in white chocolate
         Chocolate Raspberry - dipped in dark chocolate
         Cinnamon - dipped in white chocolate

      ** Seasonal flavors:   Pumpkin - dipped in white or milk chocolate

                                         Peppermint Bark

                                         Gingerbread - dipped in white chocolate
                                         Guinness - dipped in dark chocolate